A Better You

Wellness Program

Diet and exercise are the cornerstone to health. There is ample evidence showing that a wellness program which includes diet, exercise, mindfulness and community can improve most chronic health conditions. It can even reverse heart disease.

With the MiHealth wellness program, we will work with you to set goals and keep you to those goals by encouraging positive behavior. We know that changing habits that have developed over decades, start with one first step so whether you are a couch potato or triathlete, we can design a program for you. By using new Fitbit technology our program has the unique ability to monitor not only the distance that you walk each day but frequency, distance and speed of your exercise. Our personal coaches will walk you through the program, giving you encouragement and a virtual pat on the back for the positive things you are doing.

Our nutritional counselors can work with you to gently guide you toward a more healthful diet. Using the MiHealth app, you can take photos of your meals, rate your hunger, stress and mood with each meal as wll as comments. This are uploaded to our team for feedback from our registered dieticians and nutritional counselors. No counting calories, inputting nutritional information etc. just snap a photo and go.

Take control of your health... safely at home
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